Horse Racing Channels : News, Gossip, Live Coverage

Gone are the days when horse racing was considered as simply a royal hobby. In the present time, horse racing has evolved into one of the popular sports to watch and get involved as well. Nowadays, you can easily come across a number of major horse racing events like Kentucky Derby, Churchill Downs, Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes, and many more. Owing to the rising popularity of horse racing events, more and more sports channels have started to offer news on this sporting event. In fact, now you can even watch it live on your TV, and highlights on the website of sports channels. So, let us take a look into the top five sports channel for Horse racing.


Being one of the prominent sports channel in the entire world, it has always maintained its dignity by offering genuine news and flawless streaming videos of horse racing games. You can visit the website and click on the horse racing section to explore the elements of this website. You can read Top Stories, watch Top Videos, and see what is coming next week. EPSN provide complete coverage from all the popular tracks you have heard about.

CBS Sports

It is a part of CBS and was launched in the year 2002. The sports channel offer information on various sporting events, including horse racing as well. When you will visit the website of CBS Sports, and click on the Horse Racing tab, it will automatically redirect you to another site ‘Follow Horse Racing’, where you will get complete information about the forthcoming racing games, results of the previous tournaments, and everything related to it.

SKY Media

This sports channel is known for airing live action from the North America, United Kingdom, Ireland, and some major events from various parts of the world. The company is a joint venture between Arena Leisure, British Sky Broadcasting, and 30 United Kingdom racecourses. Racing live, Racing review, Evening racing, Autralina racing, and Get On Saturday are some of its prime features. Visit to surf through the website.

NBC Sports

If you love to watch highlights of horse racing games, this is definitely the best option for you. NBC Sports channel offer each and every piece of news related to horse racing events. You can watch the highlight of almost every event through the website of this channel.


Apart from Sky Media, this sports channel is also completely dedicated to horse racing games. You can watch online videos or various events, check out schedules, and lots of other stuffs.

Melbourne Cup

Horse racing is one of the most exciting events to watch live, with tons of action from start to finish. One of most exciting events of the racing calendar is The Melbourne Cup; Australia’s biggest horse race. Few networks however are able to host it live, but there are often streams available online. Streaming online is convenient and easy; all you need is an internet connection. With so much action throughout the race, you’ll not want to miss one minute. Be sure to check out betting options from TAB and Luxbet.

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