Football Channels : News, Gossip, Live Coverage

Football is a craze for most around the globe. Today, it is one of the most watched game with a huge fan following. With the emergence of new channels, both national and international, the fame of this elegant game has grown drastically. Let us go through some of the best channels that makes this game worth watching.

  • ESPN

ESPN has a worldwide broadcasting service, and English is their main language, but they broadcast in other languages in certain countries. They broadcast all football leagues and seasons with live and exclusive coverage of each game. They even sponsor many tournaments and ceremonies and has two to three sub channels in major countries. Live scores and highlights are broadcasted on the website.

  • Fox Sports World

This channel is owned by Fox Entertainment group and is dedicated to football and other major sports. Being one of the prominent channels in the world of sports, it is operated from many countries. Well, it was launched on 1st November 1997, and all major football games are streamed live with full HD coverage. In addition, daily highlights are shown on the website.

  • CBS Sports Network

It is a part of CBS network and was launched in the year 2002. The channel offers broadcasting services in many countries with HD quality broadcasting. They show all football leagues, both major and local as well, even college football games. However, interviews are not aired by this channel. Still, you can watch American leagues like NFL. Their website shows main highlights only.

  • NBC

National broadcasting Company (NBC) is an American channel and shows all types of sports, with all football leagues are aired throughout the world. Without any doubt, the channel has a large fan following. One of the salient features of this channel is online streaming. And, it has acquired fame for broadcasting the Olympics. Along with, it is considered as best for mobiles, laptops or other wireless devices, and also for fast speed and buffering. Highlights and score are updated every 20 minutes on the website.

  • GOL TV

It is an American sports channel and owned by GOLTV Inc. and it is aired in several countries and continents. All programs are broadcasted in 2 languages, English and Spanish. Secondary, Audio Program is their unique feature which provides audio feeds, but currently it is available only in a very few countries. German Bundesliga and Copa Italia are example of the leagues broadcasted.

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