Cricket Channels : News, Gossip, Live Coverage

No one would ever refute the fact that cricket is the most watched game of all times. The five top Television Channels for Cricket have three things in common.  They are easily accessible, either online, via cable or by a satellite company. They all contain informative articles about the sport.  They all offer coverage of the behind the scenes stories. The following is a list of the top five Cricket Channels I have been able to find.

Sky Sports

Sky Sports offers three channels devoted to Cricket and covers several different leagues, including the Indian Premier League and the ICC World Cup. Its web site offers a Cricket News Feed and has Expert Blog pages on its site. The schedule for upcoming televised or live streaming matches is found there.

Willow TV

This channel is available on Direct TV, Dish Network and You Tube for subscribers. It also has an excellent web site for current scores, standings, etc. Willow TV supports streaming live video on mobile devices supported by You Tube. It is an affordable way to watch Cricket on You Tube at a mere $14.99 US per month. On Direct TV and Dish Network, it may be purchased separately or is included in the Hindi packages. One of the best features on its web page is the ability to access archives back to 2010.


This Channel covers Cricket through their cable, satellite, and on line streaming outlets and offers a comprehensive coverage of Cricket. Their website, is easy to navigate. They offer information on scores, players and news. ESPN is one of the world’s largest sports outlets where the schedules and standings, by league and world ranking are easy to understand.


BBC offers cricket coverage in many formats, including broadcast, internet streaming, radio, and internet articles. They have great analysis of the games of the day. Their web site is easy to maneuver and understand. One of their excellent features is their phenomenal commentators. Daily results and standings are posted very quickly by the channel and they follow the news worthy stories on the players, teams and controversies in a professional manner.


The channel is available for online streaming or broadcast. Their web site features excellent interviews with players and other experts. It is very professional in its presentation of the matches and standings, scores and schedules are covered in a simple to find manner. Indian Premier League is very accurately features by the channel.

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