Basketball Channels : News, Gossip, Live Coverage

Without any doubt, there have been very few games in history that has received as much popularity as basketball. The thrill associated with this game is simply amazing, which pulls every sports enthusiast towards it. On the other hand, media has played a major role in boosting up the worldwide popularity or fame of the basketball game. As a result, everyone remains excited to watch a thrilling match of this game. The following is a list of the five best channels to watch, learn and get immersed in basketball.


ESPN is the premier world leader in basketball coverage. The channel gives an exquisite coverage of NBA and college basketball. The commentators here are exceptionally the best. ESPN offers excellent daily highlights of the best and worst plays of the day. News about basketball is covered extremely well by the channel. Users can avail the channel online, on most cables providers, and on satellite carriers.


NBA- National Basketball Association fans unparalleled access to all the games played. It is available as a paid upgrade on cable or satellite. Its web site at is just excellent. It shows standings, schedules and covers the major news events. Fantasy game offered by the channel has become a craze among fans. On its broadcasts, it features excellent commentators as well as great angles and coverage of the games.


The channel is doing an excellent job of covering basketball for the Olympics considering the fact that NBC is a free network. It features the schedules, current standings, and in depth articles about the teams and players at the Olympics. The on air broadcast team works together well and explains the game without detracting fans from the pleasure of watching it.


BBC is a free network. The channel gives excellent coverage of the Olympic basketball games. It features in depth articles about the games of each day. The angles of each game are excellent and when combined with the amazing commentary, the whole game becomes really worth watching.

Eurosport TV

Unlike most of the networks, Eurosport TV focuses on European leagues. The website is easy to navigate and offers news stories about basketball on its site. The hosts of the show are excellent. The cameras are excellently placed so that a fan can get the best view of the game. And, that what makes it one of the popular sites for the fans of basketball.

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