Baseball Channels : News, Gossip, Live Coverage

There is nothing better than watching baseball, on the couch with friends and the fun would be greater, if we get to watch it from the right source. That is where a ranking for the sports channels becomes necessary. Here are a few good sports channels, which makes baseball games interesting than they actually are. 

ESPN is just everywhere.  It has a magazine (ESPN, the Magazine), a website, three to four channels available through cable or satellite providers, and the radio. They have a show devoted solely to baseball, “Baseball Tonight” and they sponsor a free fantasy baseball league. It should be mentioned that the channels hosts for the broadcast games are pretty fantastic

MLB Network

MLB is a pay for service that allows fans to watch every game throughout the season and maintains the authoritative website for standings, scores and schedules. It is available on line, from Direct TV and on most cable networks.  They often have exclusive interviews with players, team owners and Bud Selig, the Commissioner of Baseball.


TBS is the TV home of the Atlanta Brave which is usually a pretty good team, so they are fun to watch if you need your baseball fix. They are syndicated nationally, so the braves get a lot of air time and national exposure. Channel has a website for the station, so finding the broadcast times for the games is pretty easy. Broadcast team of TBS is very, very good at breaking down the plays and explaining the flow of the game. Their pre and post game shows are more interesting than most other teams are.

Fox Sports Net

Fox Sports Net has regional format allows them to broadcast games featuring several different teams. Website space is easily accessible and simple to use. The channel conducts in depth interviews with players and coaches both live and posted on their website. They have several teams of broadcasters that bring great insight to the happenings on the field and do an excellent job of promoting the sport.

Comcast sports net

The channel is affiliated with NBC sports and the Chicago division has an online presence. Their broadcasters do an excellent job on the games, either the Cubs or the White Sox and do an excellent job of covering the Midwest region. The Channel features pre and post game shows with coaches and players from the teams playing, not just the home team, but the visitors as well. Their website offer links to and other sites for more news about baseball.

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