Badminton Channels : News, Gossip, Live Coverage

Badminton, like many other sports, was invented by the British and mostly took to the fancy of the upper Echelon People. Now Badminton is a highly popular sport with all classes as it has very simple rules and is inexpensive. Television Channels have cashed in on this factor to acquire Rights for Badminton Tournaments across the World. Following are the Top – 5 TV Channels that provide Exclusive Coverage of Badminton Action across the World:

Star Sports

As always, the World’s Biggest Sports Channel Network would definitely get on this list. Star Network has an excellent presence across Asia and has dedicated Channels to most East Asian Countries where Badminton is extremely popular. It has the Exclusive Broadcast Rights for the London Olympics. They also telecast the world famous “Djarium Indonesian Open”. It has a Website, which is localized for Specific Regions. Their dedicated Highlights Package “Sports centre” which doesn’t let you miss any action. The English Commentary offered by the c

Neo Sports

Although this is a purely Indian Channel, it would be ranked as a Top Channel for Badminton, when considering the TRP Ratings & Target Audience Potential of India. Their Website provides a Dedicated Section for Badminton and the regular Highlights Packages don’t let you miss much action.

Astro Sports

Again an Asia Channel which comes into our List. This Network has been one of Malaysia’s leading TV Networks for Decades. They Broadcast Badminton Action from the World Over. Their Website provides Schedules of various Competitions. They have Multiple Channels for Sports which gives them better coverage of Badminton action with latest News Updates on their News Hours on the Channel.

SBS Corporation

A Subsidiary of the Korean Giant Corporation, this is a JV between SBS, the Government Broadcasting agency in Korea and ESPN. They provide exclusive National Badminton action. They have an exquisite website that gives schedules. Another plus point is that they have multiple Channels for Multiple Events in various Languages like Malaysian, Bahsa Indonesia, Korean, Japanese etc

Solar Sports

To Round of the Column, we look at Solar Sports, a Giant Sports Channel in the Philippines, which yet again proves Badminton’s domination in Asia. This channel is equipped with an excellent website where Schedules can be found. Dedicated Experts Column for Badminton, where they talk on Technical Grounds and Exclusive Interviews and Programmes on Badminton would be telecast regularly on air makes this channel one of the best.

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