Top-3 Sport Magazine Reviews

There are a number of sports magazine available in the market. All these magazines have got certain special features. So, just take a look at the reviews of the three top sports magazine.

Sports illustrated

When we talk about the sports magazines the first name which comes in our mind is undoubtedly sports illustrated. Sports illustrated are the pioneer in the sports magazines field for about 50 yrs. This weekly magazine is no doubt the heartthrob raiser for its readers. It has been covering the news not only of international level but also of national as well as college level. The uniqueness of this magazine lies in its depth news materials as well as awesome colorful pictures. This magazine also promotes college sports by organizing various events as well as distributing prizes. In this magazine there is a separate column where ex-players are honored and their experiences are being shared. This magazine covers almost all type of sports.

ESPN the Magazine

This magazine has emerged as the no one competitor for the sports illustrated. ESPN we all know is the number one sports channel. The magazine is started by the ESPN group just for making the print media efficient in handling sports news. This magazine is highly appreciated by its readers. It is assumed that this magazine will be at the first position shortly. The most important feature that a viewer notices about this magazine is that the pages of this magazine are huge. The oversize pages of this magazine make this magazine very much attractive. Due to large surface areas the materials written over it are well presented. The pictures are clearer and the magazines’ appearance is very much attractive. Although the large size of pages sometimes proves to be a hurdle while carrying the magazine.

Golf Digest Magazine

This is the magazine which has its main focus on only one sport that is golf. When you want to learn something about golf you should definitely focus on this magazine. This magazine contains golf news in bulk. The magazine has got all the information about golf that is how to play golf and what are the golf jargons. By reading this magazine it is quite easy to understand all the jargons of golf. This magazine is instructive as well as picture based. Golf is not such a common sports but by reading this magazine it is quite easy to understand golf.

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