SEO On page and Off page SEO

Blogs and sites optimisation in case of search engine optimisation is necessary. The importance of sites optimisation will eventually boost the rank of each site, of course, its required strong backlinks, with high domain and page authority as well.

On these articles, I’d like to introduce you with SEO on page and SEO of the page. On the page, SEO is an SEO technique that you add instantly to your website. It is associated with the right title, keyword, etc.. The more observant you look at it, the more flattering anyway your position in the eyes of search engines. Where the SEO of the page is the link that you build or refer to your website, get paid from the classified ads or link exchange with others.

There are several tips you could do on SEO On Page; please find it below:
1. Add keyword that refers to the post you wrote. Just consider yourself a visitor, what keywords would they choose to search related posts.
2. Create content that suits your ability, in the sense that does not copy paste from someone else’s blog. That way, your job will be unique and will be high-value in the eyes of search engines.
3. Use the title containing your keyword. Try at least one keyword that corresponds to the title of your post.
Use bold (bold) and italics (italic) in on the keywords in your post.
4. Build internal links in your blog. That means each position you at least have a relationship to go to another job. After that, look for a link from the outside, whether it be from classified ads, social bookmarking, social networking and more.
5. Update the article or content on a regular basis. Content is everything. So even though you’ve done all the SEO techniques but neglects to update content, then there is no point. Most ideal if you could post an article every day, at least one item. But if you’re busy, you can update every 3-4 days.

SEO Off Page
In contrary with SEO On Page, for SEO off-page, you build external links linking to your site as much as possible, in other words, you must ship to enterprising. The spread of links can be using promotion at the following sites

a. Social Bookmarking
Bookmarking to social bookmarking sites, it can be by manual and can also by automated means. If the manual you can select local social bookmarking sites such as or which have high traffic. As for the Auto, you have to spend a little money to hire those who will regularly submit your web.

b. classified ads
This is the easiest way to transmit your web/blog links. The more links you spread on the internet, then the more natural it anyway people find your site. In this way also Google will consider your site important so your chances to get into the front page of a google search gets bigger.

c. social networking sites
Your friends will more often see the name of the site, and it is possible to click on it.