How To Choose A SEO Company – 3 Key Factors!

The choice of deciding which SEO company to assign the crucial task of achieving high organic Google rankings for your website is of vital importance. With Google’s seemingly never-ending series of algorithm updates, most recently seen in the form of Panda and Penguin, and the ever-intensifying competition for rankings as more companies switch from offline marketing to online marketing, it is a decision you need to get right. To help you choose the SEO company with the highest likelihood of giving you a strong return-on-investment, pay attention to these critical factors.

Avoid SEO Companies Using ‘Black-hat’ Linking Tactics!
Using slightly underhand methods for building links may have worked well in the past. However, they have well and indeed “had their day”. In fact, ‘Black-hat’ linking tactics – such as mass blog commenting – are more likely to get your site penalised and possibly de-indexed if you pursue them following Panda and Penguin. Ensure that any SEO company you hired in 2013 and beyond uses ‘White-hat’ methods only.

Seek Independent 3rd Party Reviews/Recommendations!
Naturally, every website is going to list the proposed benefits you will get from working with them. But how many of them these promises once you’ve invested your money in their service? The best way to find out is by eliciting the views of those who use the service. Ask on forums, at business masterminding sessions and on industry blogs to see what those who have already used the SEO service think. If the feedback is positive and those using the service have done so for a long time, then that demonstrates a positive ROI is being achieved. You would also want to check any accreditations and awards that the company has. These are a good indication of the reliability of the accredited company.

Accountability And Communication Are Crucial!
Before investing one single penny into any SEO campaign, it is vital to find out how you will communicate with the company and what measures of accountability are built into the contract. Useful questions to ask: How frequently will we talk about the project and using what medium (phone, Skype, email)? What percentage increase in traffic can I realistically expect, month-on-month? What specific tasks – link-building, content creation, etc. – are you going to be carrying out for my website? Make sure you have rock-solid answers to these questions before signing up to an SEO company