Media Importance in Sports

Sports industry is on boom right now. Almost all the major sports are getting a good deal of attention from fans all around, especially with Olympics on its full bloom. In fact, sports have developed into a major industry and many other businesses have sprung up because of it.  Media plays an essential role in promoting a sport, but how? Read on!

How would you know what is basketball if you are living in a country far away from the United States? That is the job of media. Media both visual and print are responsible for making a sport known worldwide. Many sports channels have sprung up since 1990 and they are fast evolving. Sports have become a business because of media.
TV, Internet, Newspaper and even radio plays an important role in the development of sports. Of the dozen channels popping up on TV every fortnight at least half of them are Sports channels. Most of these channels just take the whole sports watching experience to the next level. With the amazing presentation style and exquisite angle of each game these channels catch the attention of the viewers.

With the growth of internet publicity of sports have also grown drastically. With live streaming and live scorecards available on the net, one can know the position of their favorite team even on the move, which makes the whole experience a whole lot better. A newspaper too has atleast two to three pages dedicated to sports alone. So, even in a rare chance that anyone does not have access to TV and internet he/she can have an exclusive idea about the favorite sports on the sports page of the news paper.

Let alone TV channels and sports pages, even advertisements of various brands like, cool drinks, shoes, t-shirts, energy drinks, etc normally features sports like cricket , football, basketball etc. Today many sportsmen are brand ambassadors of various famous brands. Many major magazines, books etc also take part in the promotion of sports. There are a lot of motion pictures which are inspired by major sports which makes sports more cool and desirable in front of movie fans as well.

Media helps the sports teams to generate needed revenue. It also helps people to know and learn about the sport. It makes the players a role model for young people who look up to them for inspiration. Another big help is that media provides people with coaching of the sport, as they can watch coaches teach their players, on the television, internet etc. In a nutshell, media has made sport what it is today and without its help sport could have never reached the heart of millions as it has now.

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