Keeping Your Rank

Talking about PageRank, its related with a search engine. The search engine we’re talking about is Google, as one of significant search engine that dominating the internet world.

Keeping the rank or PageRank on each site/blogs are not accessible. Not just content, but also backlinks, traffic, and many another aspect that will affect your websites or blogs.

On these changes, I’d like to share some of the tips, that reported works well keeping their search engine rank stay on top or at least the same as before. Please find it out below:

1. Adding at least one link to Google reported helping webmaster in keeping their rank.
2. Use the meta keywords tag. Make sure you don’t repeat the same word more than three times in a row in one line.
3. Create or make at least three page/pages/posts on your site and make it a link schemes as follows: Page 1 linked to Page 2, Page 2 linked to Page 3, and this is the “header” underneath: Page 3 linked back to Page 1. Google will assign points to page 2 of page 1, then page 3 points from page 2, and then if you link back to a page 1 google will repeat it from the beginning. Interlinking also calls this method with each other or connection between a single page/post to other pages. These will secure your rank.
4. Use the H1 tag in the post title.
5. link back all link that has also been connected to your blog page.
6. Be careful in writing the content that contains words that could lead to the meaningless word.
7. Provide links that lead to a variety of other pages/articles in your blog, such as related articles. This will make visitors attracted to stay longer on your blogs/sites.
8. Create a sitemap (for XML-based for Google and text-based for bing) and then submit the sitemap to Google and Bing.
9. Create a Google webmaster account and get in there to see the statistics of your website. This will tell you whether your site is indexed or not.

Of course, tips above are not mandatory; some webmaster reported it to have a substantial effect on their sites, while others said it’s not helping at all. But if you kept all the SEO aspect secure, there’s no reason for search engine de-index your sites.