Why the Australian Punter needs Inside Horse Racing Tips

Horse tipping has definitely become easier to manage in the modern era. No longer do we have to worry about bookies changing odds last minute, chasing form guides released in paper or listening in to AM radio. In this day and age, we have a lot more at our disposal - However, even a clever betting system, experience with handicapping and access to comprehensive race history will get the average punter hovering around the break even point in the unpredictable and volatile world of horse tipping.

In order to truly gain a competitive advantage, inside track, horse condition, fitness and race trialing information are essential for accurate tipping. Equus Racing are a premium horse racing tips service who can truly tip the scales of favor back into the Australian punters hands.

So why does the true-blue aussie need inside information when they have so much convenience available in computerised tracking and estimating? Despite this convenience, The Waterhouses aren't going to give up their profits that easily. The marriage of technology and inside information is the winning recipe for most professional horse tipsters.

What Technology Can't Offer The Modern Punter

Technology offers punters the chance to accurately track results, form guides and manage their finances and betting history. However, it is inside horse betting tips that can only tell you the following:

  • How to identify false favourites set by manipulative bookies.
  • Current jockey and horse fitness levels.
  • Trackwork maintenance and conditions.
  • Other information generally unavailable to the public.

Keep a clear head, track your wins and losses, manage your finances and let off a reserved, professional fist pump of success when your inside information from Equus tips a winner.

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