Top-10 Android Apps for Sports News

There are a number of applications which are flooding the market of androids. In that list too, there are some names which are very popular due to its exceptionally good and mind blowing features when it comes to prove its efficiency regarding news access. The few of such star applications are discussed below just have a look at them.

1. Pulse
It is a clip, once we talk about Android apps of news or even it can be downloaded easily. In this, one is offered with thumbnails from the sources selected by you from the article.

2. Currents
Currents is next news app which turns the popular sites so as users could read different magazines on tablet or phone. It has the probable excellence of Google. It works excellent on phones

3. News Republic
This app can be explained as a blend of Pulse with Currents with the news divided topic wise, brand wise and athletes wise.

4. CNN
Another of powerful app, whose most prominent quality is its CNN iReport which has coursework, can upload both photos as well as videos with a matter on chosen topics.

5. Flud
Flud is among the latest news apps in the market designed as per focus on society. It has got an attractive interface but currently it’s only presented in phone version.

6. Flipboard Beta
Flipboard is a beautiful app basically for iOS but finally being released for Android devices in beta form. It is so as to focus on exact screen sizes as well as resolutions so to provide an experience of an iOS version.

7. News 360
Top headlines can be read from many popular topics. Once connected to the social accounts, this will customize all the news according to user’s interest.

8. Feedly
This interface utilizes IceCream Sandwich words and gesture map-reading of latest Google apps and syncs with the already set Google reader.

9. Google Reader
Google reader is capable of following all the sites and blogs and every other thing according to one’s own choice and need collectively at one single place. This app also syncs across each and every device you are using, so as to get the reading list updated.

10. Pocket
Pocket is a cohort to every single app which is listed above. Also known as ReadIt Later, it collects all the data you wish to save, making them obtainable anywhere.

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